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Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, is a fitted box-shaped net providing natural protection for fruit trees, against birds, bats, possums, and insects, including fruit fly and codling moth. Environmentally friendly, it avoids wasting money on harmful chemical sprays, bird scarers, ultrasonic devices or baits. Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, is ideal for organic fruit production.

Fruit saver comes in 3 sizes. Standard Fruit Saver has a 2m sq roof and 2m skirt with 3 side pleats, providing a circumference of 11m.

Large Fruit Saver has a 2.5m sq roof and 2.5m skirt with 3 side pleats providing a circumference of 13m. Both nets have an overlapped opening on one side, allowing easy installation and access to fruit throughout the picking season, without the need to remove the net.

Mini Fruit Saver, has a 1m square roof, a 1.5m skirt with 3 side pleats of .5m and an overlapped opening of .5m on the fourth side

The opening can be closed with a couple of wooden pegs.

Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, is made from white, UV-stabilised HDPE, woven monofilament 2mm netting. Small mesh and 15% shade factor help guard against hail, wind and sunburn damage, while providing sufficient light and airflow for healthy fruit production.

The Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, net can be placed directly over the tree canopy, gathered around the trunk and tied with twine. This method is most suitable for large trees.

Alternatively, the net can be placed over a structure set up around the tree. 4 star-stakes with plastic tops are ideal. The net can be anchored to the ground. This method is most suitable for smaller trees. Poly-pipe can also be added to raise the roof height.

  • Do not install the Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, net over the fruit tree until blossoming has finished and fruit is set. This allows the bees and other insects to complete pollination.
  • Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, is wildlife friendly due to its colour and the small size of the mesh which prevents birds and animals from becoming snagged.
  • Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, is suitable for most small-sized fruit trees including stone fruit, apples, figs, guavas, pears, persimmons. We recommend keeping trees pruned to a manageable size.
  • With care, your Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Net, net will last many seasons.

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