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How's this for a great harvest of apples, photo sent in from one of our net users in Minnesota, USA. Thanks Devon.


Large Net.

One of our friendly customers has sent us some pictures of our large net being used over a gazebo frame. The frame was purchased at IKEA and is called a LOTSUDDEN (2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 ) a perfect fit and for only $40. it has plastic fittings at each corner, take a look.

 net over frame


New Mini Net.

We have designed a new 'Mini Net' specifically for those urban gardeners who have either potted of dwarf style fruit trees. The net has a 1metre square roof with 1.5 metre skirt, and each side has an additional .5 metre pleat to assist with tree shape. This net should be available sometime in Late  May 2014.

Large Net.

We now have a larger version of the Fruit Saver net in production. It has a 2.5 metre square roof with a 2.5 metre skirt. It will be suitable for covering larger trees and will be available in late June 2012.

Shows we currently attend.

Tocal Field Days.Patterson, NSW.. May

Nambour Garden Show.Qld. July

Brisbane International garden show. Qld. Oct

Bellingen Plant fair.Mar/Sept

Farming Small Areas. Richmond.NSW. Nov

Moss Vale small farms expo NSW. Feb


Year of the Bat logo


NSWBat conservation and rescue Qld are carrying 'Fruit Saver' fruit tree nets into the field on rescue missions and encouraging home orchardists to switch to 'Fruit Saver' nets  to prevent entanglement of bats. If their client agrees, they sell them one on the spot. This is good news for the bats, and also for the birds and possums too.

                                                                   Coming soon.

New 'FRUIT SAVER' draw string bags,

These will come in std, large and super large accomodating anything from large bunches of grapes to multiple branches of mangoes. They are designed to accomodate the more difficult types of fruit that a tent shapped net is too big or too small for. available in September 2017.

Sizes are, STD  30cmx40cm, large 50cmx 70cm, super large 70cmx100cm.


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